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I am always troubled when writing about our faith, because I have to defend, and in defending I draw a straight line.  If there are multiple paths to heaven, and all faiths are okay, and everyone goes to heaven, then why do we have a church?  Isaiah 6:1-12 is our reality.  Therefore, I want to explain that when it comes to theology I will speak directly and hold nothing back.  Scripture says that defending the faith is essential.  God tells us to watch our doctrine closely!  There are 250 denominations and 1,500 Christian organizations when last counted.  Some of them that claim Christianity, such as Mormons, aren’t Christians.  BUT, it is essential to realize that when I use a name of a faith,  it is the theology I am discussing and not the person,  For example there are Bad Mormons that make great Christians and bad Christians that make good Mormons.  Ignorance is not bliss!  So understand that when I discuss theology I may appear unkind, but I believe that every person is loved by God and He desires them to come to the truth of the Gospel.  My job as a called and ordained Pastor is to hold the scriptures sacred and refute false theology where it exists.  Therefore, know that I love all people, and do not think of myself more highly than I ought.  Romans 12:1-3, but when it comes to theology there is NO GRAY.  It is right or wrong!

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  1. Jeffrey Perrét

    Great job; seems that everyone wants to make everyone happy and not “step on toes”. Your writing is what Christ did; used scripture to tell the truth, but with love!

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