It has been said of the Millennial generation that they are entitled and they feel the world owes them. I have to admit as a Builder/Boomer I have said those same words myself.  I often told God that I did not ask to be born into a poor family of alcoholics.  I found Paul also asked questions in Romans 9, and God replied that we basically should not ask.   But I did ask and I know what it feels like to be brought into a world that I didn’t ask for.  If you think about it, this generation is actually holding their parents accountable for not taking the time and effort to make sure they were marrying the right people, and that they had a good job and enough money to raise and take care of a child.  Every generation has its benefits and contributions to society that helps shape it.

So, in light of some of the stigmas of the Millennial generation, which faith best suits its needs and beliefs? Ironically, that would be the Lutheran faith.  The Lutheran faith is the closest to a sense of entitlement.  God comes to us and gives us faith, love and forgiveness.  He fills us with the Holy Spirit and enables us to believe.  God claims us as his own, and sacrifices everything for us.   The life we live is not an expectation or responsibility, but rather a response to the love that God first gave to us.  HE comes to us and fills us, and we in return live a life of thankfulness.  All other Christian religions have a list of expectations.  The freedom found in the Lutheran faith, which is a Christian faith is one that is full of love and grace.

Let me clarify that there are different Lutheran faiths. IN addition, most Lutheran faiths are dying and wouldn’t know what they themselves believe.  If you are in our area, I encourage you to come and find sanctuary at Promise Lutheran Church.  We will share with you how, because of a loving God, you are saved by grace through faith and that this is a gift of God, so no one can boast.  It is the perfect faith for this generation and most importantly it is a right faith.  It follows strictly the word of God.  We don’t use churchy euphemisms that no one can understand or do.  We give straight honest talk about God’s love for us and how we live our life in grateful thanksgiving for all he has done for us.  We are a God first religion and I hope if you are ever in the Murrieta area you seek us out at Promise.  If you do not live near us, try a Lutheran church in your area.  If they live their doctrine it will be a place of love and acceptance, if not, I apologize in advance for those who are ignorant of their own faith.  May God lead you to His truth in your life and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.